The terms of the credit card payments are provided by your credit card payment processors. We will charge to your credit card each month.

My Website Is Just Like Yours

Content is always evolving, changing, and updating. Things need to be edited or removed.

Just like your website, our website has the same things happen. So we check back and update things, realize that we don’t like something, or move things around, or get feedback from someone that they think we could have done better and we change it. That’s OK. We don’t mind. And we’re happy to do that for you on your website. It’s part of taking care of your website for you. You send us a note and we make the changes you need. No worries.

It's Easy To Switch To Starmaker

Change Is Good!!

Since you already have a website up and running, you might be concerned about making a transition. It’s really not that complicated. There are only a few easy technical things to transfer that we take care of. Then star maker takes care of your website for you. Change really is good. Let’s go ahead and get started right now.