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Welcome to Starmaker Marketing. We love working with our growing small business clients. They are the reason we love getting up in the afternoon and then stay up till the wee hours of the night passionately working hard.

If you love what you do, want to grow, and could use some creative ideas, encouragement, and digital guidance, use your technology to reach out via email or text and you’ll get a great response!

Marketing Plan


Marketing Plans and business strategy are the solid foundation to a successful small business. Starmaker Marketing has been helping startups and growing businesses develop their roadmap to success since 1999. Before that, Joel owned a sign making business where he loved working with entrepreneurs who asked him about other strategies they should use beyond signs. This gave him valuable experience learning numerous fields for marketing expertise.


Start with the correct foundation, then use Joel’s “Stair Step” budget and marketing building plan to implement growth strategically. His love for technology gives him the perfect passion for your digital marketing plan, including your SEO strategy and social media platform knowledge.

Website Design


The website design and hosting you present is your “always on,” public facing, persona. It is your effective sales person who is always on-point and conveying your message 24/7.  Joel and his team have worked with WordPress for many years and builds solid websites that are functional, attractive, fast and reliable for any type of business.

Don’t let a broken link or ineffective messaging ruin a perfectly good opportunity. A well placed typo can just ruina first impfsdfopsf imo. See what I mean? That’s just a mess. I’m so embarrassed. 

Don’t be like me. But let me help.


We help you, the expert in your field, by taking your already-created quality content and  distributing, syndicating, and repurposing it to add tremendous value, speed, and reach. We love to work work clients like you who have great podcasts, YouTube channel content, church sermons or other media you want to share with others.

Allow me to help with the syndication and distribution to reach platforms you have perhaps never imagined your small business reaching. I help clients extend their reach onto national digital platforms accessible with technology that are waiting to be tapped into. With some dreaming, brainstorming, planning, and tenacity, together we can reach further than ever.

Joel Virtue

Joel Virtue


Please use the contact form to let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to see if it makes sense to work together. Does your website design need a new look or feel? Maybe it’s time for a fresh, modern vibe. We can do that. It’s a simple and painless process without major inconvenience.

Interested in starting a podcast, or getting more mileage out of your existing podcast or YouTube videos? That’s simple enough.

Our syndication and distribution process is perfect for taking your existing content and getting tons of exposure. It’s not always about creating new content, but about editing, using clips from, and repurposing your awesome content. We also look forward into additional content your market would like to see you create. That’s how we create a good media deployment strategy.

We will develop a plan for your marketing that is not just hit-or-miss like an A-fib heart rhythm. Let’s work to make it a steady, solid marketing plan which makes sense within your budget, and is what your audience wants and needs.

I promise we’ll have fun exploring whether or not it’s a great fit to work together or we’ll call the whole things off. Either it makes sense or it doesn’t.

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My Website Is Just Like Yours

Content is always evolving, changing, and updating. Things need to be edited or removed.

Just like your website, our website has the same things happen. So we check back and update things, realize that we don’t like something, or move things around, or get feedback from someone that they think we could have done better and we change it. That’s OK. We don’t mind. And we’re happy to do that for you on your website. It’s part of taking care of your website for you. You send us a note and we make the changes you need. No worries.

It's Easy To Switch To Starmaker

Change Is Good!!

Since you already have a website up and running, you might be concerned about making a transition. It’s really not that complicated. There are only a few easy technical things to transfer that we take care of. Then star maker takes care of your website for you. Change really is good. Let’s go ahead and get started right now.

SEO Works

Have You Googled Yourself?

It’s OK! We all have.  But sometimes it’s disappointing when we don’t rank as high as we expected, or we rank higher for the not-so-good stuff as we hoped. Sometimes we just don’t find your company in the pages listed anywhere at all. It’s alright. We’ll get there – together. It’s a bit of a process, but with a good strategy and some hard work it’s very possible to get there in a reasonable amount of time and for the right target market. We need to figure out who we’re after and get in front of them after all, right. Let’s do this! SEO! SEO! SEO!